I've made some progress with learning how to output the raw analytical tables so I can share them here! (Source code is at the very bottom of the post; I'll track it via Git soon.)

From the data contained in the file Skate Metrics - Base Data.csv, I have summarized the trick data down to the table below. Note that this table sorts by which tricks I've landed the most to the least given all my attempts ("Hits to Attempts Ratio", or Times Landed divided by Num of Attempts).

At the time of posting, the data pertains to 4 days of data collection (I'm lagging on inputting all the hand-recorded data), which accounted for 88 trick attempts. (I'm not certain yet whether I will update the files (both of them, only one, or neither), so what you see below might look different than it does when I'm writing this post if both files diverge.)

TrickHits to Attempts RatioTimes LandedNum of Attempts
FS 180133
FS Noseslide122
Fakie Ollie122
FS 50500.66666666666666723
Switch Ollie0.66666666666666723
FS Pop Shuv It0.583333333333333712
Nose Manual (3 sidewalk blocks)0.545454545454545611
Fakie FS Pop Shuv It0.512
BS Boardslide0.11111111111111119
FS Boardslide001
Switch FS Pop Shuv It004
360 Pop Shuv It004

Source code (R)


# Handle NA strings: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24172111/change-the-blank-cells-to-na#24172277
data <- read.csv(file = 'Skate Metrics.csv', na.strings=c(""," ","NA"))


# as.Date : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47230146/error-message-do-not-know-how-to-convert-dataframecol-to-class-date?rq=1
data$Date <- as.Date(data$Date, format="%m/%d/%Y")

data <- fill(data, c("Date", "Trick"), .direction = "down")

write.csv(data,"Skate Metrics - Base Data.csv",row.names = FALSE, quote = FALSE) # write base data to csv file

df = data.table(data)

# Order: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12353820/sort-rows-in-data-table-in-decreasing-order-on-string-key-order-x-v-gives-er
data2 <- df[,.(sum(Outcome)/length(Outcome),sum(Outcome),length(Outcome)),by=c("Trick")][order(-V1)]
colnames(data2) # [1] "Trick" "V1"    "V2"    "V3"   

setnames(data2, colnames(data2), c("Trick","Hits to Attempts Ratio","Times Landed","Num of Attempts"))

# data2[,c(1:3,5)]


write.csv(data2,"Trick Hits to Attempts.csv",row.names = FALSE, quote = FALSE) # write summary to csv file

# Number of days of tricks recorded

# Number of attempts in dataset