For a while now I've been sitting on an idea of mine that I call "Interpersonal Capital". Yesterday, I learned that Becker may have already developed the general way of thinking about it and similar matters via his "A Theory of Social Interactions". I'm not too thrilled to have learned this, though.

In the past, I have learned that some ideas of mine were developed by others, and I was happy to learn these things. But it's different in this case. I think I'm less thrilled about this because in this case I had a more clear idea of how I'd develop the idea. Plus I might be subconsciously looking forward to comparing and contrasting my ideas with Becker's, and suddenly I feel the fire at my feet to write them up.

Don't worry, I will hold off on reading Becker's theory until I write up my own. Especially so that I may avoid unwittingly drowning out any originality in my ideas via the influence of Becker's.