Figure out how to print things, then save to files

Refactoring content, especially stuff saved to mixed-results Journal entries.

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Get a little raised platform for typing on lap without craning my neck too much

Ugh the showname approach has annoying downsides

This is for the project of setting up showname fields across all regular tiddlers, so I can get prettier (less ugly) URLs for tiddlers on public site.

Apparently, when you hit the TiddlyWiki Tools > Export All button and export to JSON, it only exports a subset of all of your tiddlers. I suspect that it does not export system and shadow tiddlers. For my current project, this is very helpful, but if I thought that it truly exported everything, I'd be frustrated by this. Anyway, hooray!

I figured this out by exporting all tiddlers via a JSON file, opening it with Pandas (code below, assumes the JSON file is in the same directory as the file/notebook you're running this in), and seeing how many rows get reported.

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_json("tiddlers.json", "r", encoding="utf8")

# See stats about all the tiddlers' titles

Something else I've learned is that print(df.columns) will show me all fields that tiddlers have, as they get setup by Pandas as columns in the data frame that it makes.