Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got to start the day by skating with one of my long-time friends and then spent the rest of the day with my girlfriend and her friends/coworkers.

It was a really good day of skating. I took the bench over to the parking lot near my house, and Jabari and I skated it and some curbs. I tried a number of tricks for the first time on the bench and curbs, and I surprisingly landed some of them and got close to many others.

  • I did my first nollie into a grind! Nollie to frontside 50-50 grind on a curb.
  • I finally land a BS half-cab to boardslide (??? I'm not sure about what I should call it, since I wasn't fully riding Switch and the back truck did go over the bench like a lipslide if I was fully in Switch). I might have landed this twice, but the first time I did it it felt like it was less so me that did it than luck or God intervening. (I remember looking down at my feet as I was about to slide off the bench and thinking "hey woah, this is going a lot better than [I'd have guessed/I should be able to do]".)
  • Right before Jabari showed up I landed a Switch BS Pop-Shuv It. It was really surprising and exciting, as I never try that trick and I'm pretty awful with Switch in general. But right before trying it I felt a weird wave of confidence about riding and doing tricks in Switch — it mentally felt like it'd be a completely OK and natural thing to do. So I tried it and didn't get it, but got close (much closer than usual), and repeated this again, then finally landed it.
    • It's times like those where I feel like there truly might be something to the idea that we mentally hold ourselves back in skating via our anxieties about doing unfamiliar tricks, that maybe we'd be able to do them if we weren't psyching ourselves out/throwing ourselves off-balance with ideas about what we can and cannot do. (Note that this follows from interpreting the point above as that I felt a wave of confidence from the absence of an idea that I should be un-confident in my ability to do the trick. It could be the other way around, of instead having an idea that I can do it, or a mix of both, with the idea that I can do it overpowering an idea that I cannot do it.)