Yesterday I skated a bit on my lunch break, and I felt like I'd lost most of the gains in skill that I'd made in the prior week's skate session. This shook me up a bit, as I'm pretty confident that it hadn't been a full week since I'd skated. This only drives home the importance of skating more regularly/consistently.

In either the prior skate session or the one before that, I was more daring and creative with my tricks! Even at the time I felt surprised by it. I was willing myself to just go for tricks and commit to them more than I likely should, and sure enough I did better — but not great — with them than I thought I would. I would like to do this more. It felt freeing and like I was being extra blessed with performing well. This was as I felt a bit cavalier/negligent in attempting things while not paying them much mind or at least not showing as much deference to the sense that I could get injured from attempting something outside the range of my skills and prior experience.