I went out skating a bit this morning to get some skating in before it got hella hot out. (We're kinda in the middle of a heatwave here, right now.)

This time I setup the rail as the circular rail. I have very little experience with circular rails, so I went about it relatively safely. Upon one of three attempts at a BS Noseslide on it, I hella fell backwards after it slid way faster than my top half was ready for. I suspect that I was leaning too far backwards and that I hit a patch of wax.

I also learned that the circular rail is quite tall, so attempting to learn FS Smith on it is a chore and a half.

Though they sound impressive, Fakie FS Switch Smith Grind & Nollie FS Smith Grind are kinda cheating tricks: they're easy to get into since your back foot in either setup is the only one you need to lock into the grind. Here's a video clip what I'm referring to: https://youtu.be/oNUcRT4UKRU