Subjective ease & efficiency of re-use of superset configurations versus their initial establishment

That my anxiety seems to have been set aside once I trusted that if I feel that my superset has been correctly set, my subset need not be worried about (as opposed to feeling like I do need to worry, due to a creeping worry that I'm not focusing upon the right stuff)

AmIFocusedYet, title for a collection of essays along these lines. Firstly dealing with the consideration of what it means to be focused, by way of presenting a view that splits the notion of focus between Focusing Among all Possible Things (dubbed the establishment of a "superset" for an individual) and Focusing Among a Superset (dubbed the establishment of a "subset"). Notion that ADHD, for instance, could involve changes in set composition/configuration on either of these levels, but the more critical level is that of superset.

There's also the idea that there is an attention-allocating process in the mind and that the allocative process draws mental resources away from the things one wants to provide significant attention and effort towards, limiting the amount of such resources that can be given to it. After a certain degree of indiscriminacy in the provision of % shares of one's total attention, the allocative process ceases or becomes far less relevant and prominent as a channel (object?) unto which attention/resources are given — OH! this might suggest that a degree of freedom and resource abundance may be introduced into the system if the allocative process reduces its own (somewhat fixed?) share requirements at the same time as other objects' shares of mental resources become both equal and (somewhat) constant.

— Regarding Mind-Set