In writing 18-Aug-2020: SkateAnalytics, I thought about that with regards to skill acquisition, there's a degree of rigidity (skill rigidity): once you achieve a degree of skill with respect to some thing, you somehow do not lose it to a significant degree (WhateverThatMeansInThisContext). Note that there's also cases were there is not a degree of rigidity; you may acquire a skill and lose it quite rapidly if you do not use it often (that may mean over many time periods, many times within one time period, or a mix of both).

This idea of skill rigidity connects fascinatingly to my thinking for DavidOrGoliath: the assumption is that certain producers, such as artists, might have an advantage in the market because they might have a quality advantage (able to produce things of a significantly higher quality level than others could with similar levels of inputs (time, money)), which might be partly dependent upon their degree of skill (and their acquisition of it).