I suspect that Liberapay needs (would benefit from) a way for people without money on the site (or even people with it) to follow accounts without either pledging money to them or donating.

Being able to check in to creators' receiving amounts or to even get notified of whether the creator is even on the site would all be nice and likely lead to increased deposits by patrons and increases in funding for creators.

Not to mention that this would greatly improve the degree of utility of the site as a source of satisfaction and interest. Seeing the funding rates of someone you're interested in can be cool! (Maybe even watching the funding rates of your sworn enemies, but let's not think about that.)

This could also lead to the introduction of lists of persons that one's interested in supporting, including lists that one could share publicly. Say, for instance, that you like person A's stuff and person A likes a bunch of other people/projects that you don't know about: you'd get to learn of the latter persons and support them.

Unrelated to this, exactly, is getting notified if communities tied to persons you support or are interested in are growing or shrinking, especially in accordance with the growth rates of the persons you follow's funding rates. Liberapay Stats Analysis