I got out and skated the past two days. I got to skate with friends in my neighborhood yesterday, too, which was nice. For me in particular, yesterday went OK, but both days were fairly discouraging because I seem to have lost what progress I'd made in the prior week on getting into FS noseslides or FS crooks on the bench. It had felt really nice to make progress towards mastering these tricks, as I'd never really tried them before and it'd been a big surprise that I was somehow doing them OK.

I've been noticing some pain in my hips and lower back while jumping onto the bench and attempting to do FS noseslides or FS crooks; it feels like a bunch of my weight just crashes down on my lower back / tailbone area. I'm not used to these feelings. To hopefully help prevent these things, I'm going to work on doing more core and back strengthening exercises, especially during my days off from skating (to rest).

My knees continue to be an issue, too, but I've just kinda accepted the idea that I need to let them rest and not worry about them — but now that I think about it, I should do more exercises for them, too.