Griping about the differences between TiddlyWiki and Obsidian for Static Site Generation

For a few months I've felt like I haven't had much free time. One minor consequence of this is that I haven't been taking as many notes as before. As a result, this site has been neglected. However, it's mostly been neglected because I've been using a different app for capturing my thoughts: Obsidian.

And I'm having a difficult time with managing a website here in TiddlyWiki while mostly managing my thoughts in Obsidian. Ideally, I'd only use one of them.

In many ways, Obsidian is similar to TiddlyWiki. It has wiki-style links, keeps track of backlinks between posts, and handles tags (though not as well as TiddlyWiki). Some people have even produced websites with Obsidian, but the method they used to do so either produces lame sites (lacking RSS feeds or tag index pages), or do have the features I'd want but are super complicated to setup for my own use ( and - requires knowing Python).

As a result of this, I've been wondering if I could primarily work on the text for tiddlers within Obsidian and then manually move them over to here. One problem with doing that is that Obsidian works with Markdown, but supports and encourages the use of more advanced forms of Markdown than TiddlyWiki supports and more granular wikilinking (you can link to a specific heading within a document (tiddler in TiddlyWiki-speak)!).

I feel like doing this would be tedious, with the manual process of moving items between systems, and it would discourage me from posting journal entries here in the way I have done so previously (less fluidly). (They're more numerous, which means I'd need to move even more of them between Obsidian and TW.)

[The following was largely motivated by my frustration at finding the discussion here, where the feature request was kinda pushed aside because it cuts against the idea of tiddlers as being evermore atomic, not documents.]

Blah just in thinking through the differences in TW and Obsidian I feel like Obsidian has a lot of lame rough edges. Tags aren't really metadata in the way they are in TW, they're just special links that use a different syntax. Creating Journal entries in relation to a parent entry is weirdly hard, despite their Zettelkasten prefixer thing (albeit I had to fix the prefixing system in TW in order for this to work the right way again).

Obsidian is much more of a document editor with wikilinking and a graph system built in. Ugh I wish that TW just dealt better with the concept of tiddlers as documents. It cuts against the atomization goal in TW, but *flips table* \o/