Over the past few weeks of working from home due to the pandemic, I've been having fun with skateboarding during my lunch breaks on the days when it isn't too hot outside, recording data about the tricks that I've been doing, and thinking about ways to analyze that data with statistics. I will post analyses soon. I anticipate that when I start to post analyses of my data, other skaters will want to record and analyze their data, too. Accordingly, I've started to develop a website that lets skaters record their skating data in a structured way so that they can analyze it easier and receive some (progressively more sophisticated) analyses directly from the site.

The biggest help with this has been the book Bayesian Statistics the Fun Way, which first prompted me to consider recording the data, and I've been adding to what I learned in that book by reading the book Introduction to Empirical Bayes. Both of the books give examples in the R programming language, which has led me to develop some of a familiarity with R.