The other day a HN user posted about the notion of creating "a honeypot for mosquitos", a "breeding basin that purges itself on an interval shorter than the egg laying to larval stage." I had been thinking about making something similar, so I thought I'd share my thoughts. [+ A HN user is also collecting ideas for and coordinating the creation of DIY mosquito-fighting methods at this Github repo.]

My current design idea uses a funnel, a rubber tube connecting the bottom of funnel to an off-flow point (possibly running beneath the soil of one's garden), a clothespin, water, a water container, and some vegetation to put into the water container to enable a brackishness to emerge over time.

The "breeding basin" could be a wide-mouthed funnel, providing increased surface area for mosquitos to disperse eggs upon. The basin could be drained through the bottom of the funnel at certain intervals (either automatically, possibly using a small computer and solar power, or manually, possibly by way of releasing the pinch of a clothesline pin that pinches shut a rubber tube that runs the water from the funnel down to an off-flow area).