Art valuing

Trying to capture something that’s perceived or felt - judge art according to the degree to which the art captures that thing (and possibly conveys it, but that’s secondary and for external person’s, not the creator). Art is often considered good or bad according to some standard or aesthetic appreciation, but from the perspective of capturing something, any external standards are beside the point and irrelevant.

  • A multidimensional puzzle in which we try to recreate a thing, such as an image, but we only ever have partial knowledge of the whole, like we’re zoomed in on certain chunks at a time or viewing only a specific layer of the whole, and each step forward affects all the rest to greater or lesser degrees. Such as getting a neutral network’s art as a reference photo and trying to reproduce it semi-functionally, not just directly (like pixel-wise, or reproducing it in mosaic form), which only able to sample (in a sort of statistical sense) glimpses at the reference photo, which may or may not be reliable.