• Fix up 17th-December-2019: How to use Think Stats' packages for publication
  • Setup Images export so that it saves Images to the /static/images/ subfolder of the wiki. As images seems to only be the /images/ subfolder, I'll try static/images/.
  • Am I able to change URI encoding via changing the $:/core/templates/static.tiddler.html's value uri_doubleencoded to uri_encoded?
  • I made a macro for list-links-showname to use the Title-as-permalink & field-as-title approach mentioned here (#1); I'll need to replace the list-links macros with list-links-showname AND update the navigation at the top of my site ($:/NavigationLinks) to link to the right places.
    • I'll gradually move entries over to this URL scheme; I might be able to automate the process by appending to the tiddler files a line that includes the filename without the extension on the end.
    • Changed the title in $:/core/ui/ViewTemplateStaticNice to pull from showname
      • Maybe change this in the official View Template so that it shows [Actual Title (Filename)]: [Showname]? In the draft view, too, I could maybe put both fields at the top, such as putting the Showname where the Title is, or Showname to the left and Title (Filename) to the right.

  • Make your path straight
  • Get word count for PocketMod given reduced margins
  • Add PocketMod stats to this wiki: 1104 words when use LiberationSans font at size 26, with page numbers in footer (same font & size)
    • Side-fold configuration makes reading from left to right easy while removing the need to make a complicated fold + cut (rendering production method more efficient)
    • Same word count with GoogleDrive's fonts of Arial or Franklin Gothic at size 24

  • Wrangle Ideas tiddlers that are ill developed into Journal entries, going forward
  • Add to script a check for if any relevant TiddlyWiki servers are running; if none running, disable "Enable links to missing tiddlers" config, build static site, then re-enable it
  • Sort Journals listing in StaticTiddler template according to date created


& More generally, how to do calculations on servers besides one's own machine

Edit: $:/StaticBanner, $:/StaticFooter, $:/core/ui/PageTemplate/sidebarStatic, $:/core/ui/PageTemplate/sidebar, $:/NavigationLinks