Differing from music creation - simply working to faithfully reproduce and capture music that you’ve thought of.

Strongly motivated by hypnogogic dreams involving music, which I sometimes refer to as Dream Music.

Dream Music


Producing songs that dial up their tempo, starting out slower with a beat but push it faster and faster to see how it goes on different time scales (beat scales?). Up and down in tempo, playing with that, possibly layering in other sounds that also change in tempo.

  • stretching out time scales and shrinking them down - either just affecting time between the hitting of regular keys or affecting their sound, too, with the latter like you’re stretching out a rasterized image of the music whereas with the former it’s just putting more space between separate images
  • time warping in music design - playing with sound and music

Don’t worry about “the right way” of capturing the music and working on it and playing with it the right way. Just go for it, have fun, explore the space.