I have a lot of notes. And while I’d like to see if there’s anything in them worth keeping, using, and/or sharing with others, I also just hope that I can start to take notes that better help me focus and be deliberate with my time.

All the notes that I have are sunk costs. Endowments from the past. Gifts that I don’t need to do anything with if they aren’t relevant to my current needs and wants.

Capturing my notes has definitely not been an issue. The issue is management, organization, and later use. I struggle with all but capture.

I’m a bit haunted by my notes about Skateboarding Analytics, as I have a lot of them and it is a cool idea and project, but I’m not currently interested in it. However, that may be just enough of a reason to upload the notes but not to work on them much. Maybe just organize them a little for context.

Be a better steward of my intellectual works.

Even though I have lots of notes about certain things, like things to watch, those things aren’t quite a priority for me

Compiling things into Timely or Not-Timely; able to more readily file away the Not Timely stuff. Compile things into their own sections of a longer document, likely by theme or subject. Then once you have quite a bit for a section, move it to its own page.

There is a problem with moving things into their own sectional page, as they can become isolated and never worked on or discovered. Just lost, unimproved, etc. Linking pages together better could possibly help a lot.

It’s a bit difficult that Not Timely notes feel like “not important notes”, but they are important, they just don’t have a defined timeline in mind for it. Might be ripe for turning these into being Timely, if the things really are priorities for us.

To be integrated