This tiddler seems to have been a draft of part of 13th-July-2018: RSSforStaticTiddlyWiki

Investigating into the various tiddler templates:

  • static (View Template)
  • raw-static (View Template, as html)
  • plain-text-tiddler (Pre-Wikified text of tiddler, as plain text)

Wait I think I'm using this wrong. I think that the tiddler journals-feed need only be used as a template for plain text file output, at this point.

After testing, I see that I'm correct. Using the command line command, I was able to generated a plain text file containing a list of all Journal posts, given the journal tag filter ([tag[Journal]]):

tiddlywiki publicwiki --render "journals-feed" journals-feed.txt text/plain "" exportFilter "[tag[Journal]]"

This is pretty much a straight copy of the command given in the render command's documentation.

If you do not specify the double quotes ("") before exportFilter, no static file is produced. I'm not sure why.

To go beyond plain text formatting, we need to add in HTML or XML blocks. To do this, we need to put tick marks around the code blocks so that they are preserved while the content outside of the tick marks is generated via TiddlyWiki's WikiText stuff.

Before we go further, let's clone the journals-feed tiddler and name the new tiddler "journals-feed-atom", as I hope to make a general atom feed for journals/etc.

Let's get the raw form: