Some of these might be better classified as PetTropes

  • ProbabilityPossibilityFilter (commonly referred to as operating in a "realm of possibility"): Persons regard things with a low probability of occurring (levels of "low"-ness is determined by each individual and influenced by many things) as being impossible, just wholly discounted
    • anxiety-producing in persons with a very low filter of this sort and a maladaptive skill for thinking of low-probability/catastrophic events
  • BigBiz in the US shot itself in the foot during booming economic times (1950-70s?), was able to extend large care packages to employees, which led to employees becoming more dependent upon an entity besides themselves — and not only more willing to be dependent upon an entity besides themselves, but they came to expect it —, and when the economic conditions declined, BigBiz pulled back on providing care packages; employees demanded that they keep this degree of care, which they had come to expect and depend upon, and shifted the role of Provider of this care to the government, either directly (welfare systems) or indirectly (creation of regulations that force businesses [notably not only BigBiz] to provide this care to employees).
    • TL;DR: BigBiz got itself (and LilBiz too) regulated by providing too much of a good thing during good times, and everyone and their mother revolted when the good things stopped being provided once the good times became lean times.
    • This falls into the SocialTrope (and possibly a LogicTrope?) of that once you admit a thing [say, a premise such as OriginalSin or WorkplaceWithBenefits], good luck taking it back