• This website, for one
  • Skateboarding Analytics: Towards a way of recording, analyzing, and visualizing data about skateboarding trick attempts and a skateboarder’s likelihood of landing a trick. Progression (or regression), visualized!
  • Webpage about independent research: Independent Scholarship
  • Book, Juices There: A wildly inefficient but nonetheless fun and sometimes funny way to learn and practice Spanish. Use phonetics, rhyming, vocabulary, and creativity to play with the languages of English and Spanish. (Not published yet, but will publish it here.)
  • Book, Aphorisms for Either Idiots or Peasants: This might not be for you. A collection of aphorisms that I’ve come up with (and maybe a few that’ve I quoted from other people). Published here, but I’ll release updates to it.
    • I’m in the process of updating this by reviewing the old version and revising it with new aphorisms that I’ve come up with since I last published it.
    • I might publish it to Amazon Kindle for free.

On Hold

  • Book/webpage, Mind Set
  • Website/social networking service, PeerJoy
  • Essay, “Business, Born Yesterday: Glimpsing Business Prime” - An Inquiry into the Social and Ideological Foundations of Business, a Timelessly Brilliant Activity (at its Core)