The role of time in success and value accretion

things that benefit from time - such as anything that involves or requires interactions with other people, especially them learning/developing their understanding of something newbusiness-strategy - [ ] this was partially discussed in the podcast episode about author platforms, that some things unavoidably take time while others can be hastened along, such as via consulting with someone more experienced or getting a resource that multiplies your output capacity - episode: Free Ways to Grow an Author Platform, With Orna Ross and Dan Parsons: Beginner Self-Publishing Podcast - Accordingly, if the matter would pay off well for you relative to other opportunities you have, and its success is determined by the involvement of others (which itself requires time), then it’s beneficial to release/start that thing (in the right way1) as soon as possible, to start incurring the benefits of time elapsed. (Sorta thinking about this in an equation-like manner, with time as variable t.)


  1. This is important. You’ll want to position the thing in the correct way, which is whichever way seems most likely to guarantee its success. It likely isn’t terribly clear what way this may be, but you may have some general idea, and that’s much better than nothing. But you want to make sure you don’t set it up on a path that will likely negatively harm its long-term probability of success. So consider what things may harm your idea’s success and to what degree your current plan(s) are harmful.