Wine and beer culture in the US (if not merely my region of CA) are different, with latter being lighter; possibly because of lower alcohol content, so greater amount of time spent consuming beer relative to wine before the same amount of alcohol hits you (though system uptake is like more effective at lower levels, so possibly you'd get tipsy faster off smaller amounts? hmmm)

Might also be tied into production cycle facts of the two's ingredients: for wine, one must wait ~7 years upon planting one's vines before you can produce any wine with it (not counting its aging?), so producers likely less willing to have their produce treated (consumed) in a fun/silly manner, which might suggest that it's a frivolous/lowly thing to be taken not-seriously

This might tie into the notion that SeriousBusiness ought not to be handled in a silly/fun manner (SillinessMakesEverythingSilly, perhaps?)