## The webmaster

My name is Brandon Hall. I am a Christian, philosopher, and economist. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.

I'm a guy that prays to God, follows Jesus (but honestly could/will do so much more fervently), flips on their head occasions to laugh at others such that he may laugh at himself, and believes that the art of truth-telling is a higher art than those of deception and lie weaving and maintenance.

I like figuring out complex things and progressively providing better explanations of them to people that need them (hence, this site). When you start from a state of significant ignorance, you'd best get wise on getting wise, and I seem to have done that ... better than most.

You may connect with me via the following outlets:


I like computers when they do what I want them to do and don't when they don't.

For my computer, I use the Ubuntu operating system, currently with the Kubuntu desktop environment. I enjoy being able to use software that theoretically anyone else could use, due to it being free (as in beer).

See Site Info for info about how I make the site and update it; it can definitely be improved.