• Need to figure out zip level high, low, average temp by month
  • Using your travelogue as a test set for feel - strategic travel
  • Pull in census data for income considerations - since I mostly have access to this data today, I could look at places via this; able to compare to current locale (zip) and use own income as cutoff point
  • tbh this is more a matter of doing it than figuring out how to do it, there’s little in the way of lingering questions for it - mostly just gathering data sources/seeing what’s available (making it sort of boring --- useful, but boring)

GIS meterological data - temp ranges and average, feel by location at a particular granularity of scale, per week or month, and based on what gis projection

To be integrated

Climate data by zip code

Python crash course book might have a section that deals with weather data api - useful for project looking at home feel