🟩 Writing

The human mind is not always straightforward and consistent, especially with regards to dispositions, intents, wants, and needs. In stories, reflecting this variance gives the character a realism. Whereas if they are portrayed as being single minded and having no wavering of thought, they’ll likely be thought to be poorly developed, flat, and unrealistic. I imagine this happens a lot for historical depictions based on few accounts, especially if/when those accounts all suggest the same thing.


🟩 Comprehensive websites for YouTube content

Make sites for exploring YouTube videos backlogs

🟩 Website

Cool list of blogs and digital gardens: https://blogroll.org/#digital-gardens

https://libera.chat/guides/registration IRC for enrolling in closed beta for https://pgs.sh/

Static site hosting: https://pgs.sh/

  • Able to share same SSH key across both laptop and Steam Deck? So I can update sites from both?

🟩 Housing search by feel and income

Climate data by zip code

Python crash course book might have a section that deals with weather data api - useful for project looking at home feel

🟩 Skateboarding Analytics

Ridge plots in python: https://matplotlib.org/matplotblog/posts/create-ridgeplots-in-matplotlib/

🟩 Economics

Economic profits are different from accounting profits. I think they’re where a supplier is able to charge a higher price than the efficient/equilibrium market price.

  • Looking into it, it seems to be accounting profit less opportunity costs.
    • How to actually use this idea, though?
    • https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Profit_(economics)
      • I forget, why is the marginal revenue curve steeper then the demand curve for noncompetitive markets?
      • Is it wrong for a firm to be in favor of the market and eroding economic profit by increased competition? It seems like it’d be beneficial for society in general (marginal net benefit social).

Marginal net social benefits - the deep end of economics

Guide related to building marketplaces: https://themarketplace.guide/

🟩 Note Economics

Inventory costs associated with letting notes, especially in a disordered manner — uncertainty about value of each object or location of each object (search and retrieval costs)

  • inventory costs in economics

🟩 Market life cycle in Economics

If you’re developing a new market, in the way of customer development, you might start off doing things that are pro-market (facilitation). But once the market is developed enough to sustain you, you might be tempted to enclose the market, raising barriers to other entrants. At this point you’d likely try to erase what you might’ve done or said in the beginning, from your Market development steps, as they contradict what you are trying to do, then. You’ve become anti-market. (Shift in firm strategy depending on the life stage of the/a market they’re trying to succeed within.)

🟩 Cooking

Licensing recipes for home use

  • Horchata drink at Bambi, like a churro drink

  • Indian wraps from fav Indian place near South Sac Kaiser

  • Read the first chapter of the Vegetarian Cookbook

🟩 Skateboarding

Mobility exercises for skating: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CunZbZjM3X8/?igshid=NjIwNzIyMDk2Mg==

🟩 Gaming

Steam Deck survey: https://overkill.wtf/steam-deck-survey-2023/

🟩 Magic the Gathering


🟩 Game design and development

Make a game where you need to guess the letters in a hidden word. For each letter you guess, you get a point. You can trade one point to reveal a letter, but it swaps out the current word for a longer word that has one more letter on it. If you complete the word, you get to keep your remaining points. Mostly just seeing how long you can last and if the player ends up bargaining a lot.

Reconfigurable games

Community of people who tweak games’ source code, explore different ways they could play out and feel — similar to modding but with a metagame of exploration

🟩 Exercise

Kettlebell exercises, workouts Exercise ball exercises, workouts