Site generation and serving

Local Testing

python3 for building local files for testing

http-server for testing

Pushing to live

python3 for building public files for local testing

Then copy the contents of the public folder into the folder in my home directory, then in my Git client stage all changes, commit, and push to Github

Added footnotes capabilities

I was able to do this by swapping out commonmark for marko in the lettersmith_py files and , then commenting out the fourth line in my lettersmith project’s file:

all_pages = pipe(
    (*pages, *home),
    # absolutize.absolutize(base_url),

If I didn’t comment this out, the footnote links would link to the first page of the site.

Site todos

  • Make it so that the TOC is shown on mobile
  • Move page tags to either below the content or to an info pane in a sidebar
  • Possibly replace the Explorer with a more curated list of links
  • Clean up documentation of resources that I pulled on to make the GitHub Actions GitHub Pages thing work. Currently some notes are in 2023-04-11

Additional things I’d possibly want to do:

  • collect pages with YAML tags, make separate tag pages, link to tag archives from tagged page/post
  • have dated pages separate from regular ones
    • dated pages have a feed
    • have these linked to in a separate backlinks area, filtered out from links from pages

Features I want but don’t know if they’re possible

While I was able to install the marko extension for tables of contents, I didn’t know enough about how lettersmith is setup to figure out how to embed table of contents into a page template.

It’d also be really cool if someone could figure out how to link to sections of a page while keeping it Obsidian-supported.

Cool notes using obsidian and lettersmith: