It’d be nice to find a community of people trying to live the deep life/priorities-first. Disciplined and purposeful, as one without the other sucks. This would be similar to the Deep Life thing.

I really want to hear more about how people do/should prioritize things, determine what’s important for themselves.

Though honestly, persons who actually do such things might be less inclined to participate in a community of people that talk about doing it.

Relevant Habits

Be intentional/deliberate about what videos and podcasts you listen to

Deep Life

Concept from Cal Newport. Kinda like living in alignment with what you value and your principles.

Question of how to prioritize tasks:,> talks about Configure (below) being the hardest part for them.

Three requirements of time management

  • Capture: don’t store anything in your head. Your ideas, info, commitments, plans.
  • Configure: make effort organizing. Gather relevant info in one place.
  • Control: proactively make a plan for your time in advance: quarterly, weekly, daily
  • Constrain (bonus!): figure out how to automate, consolidate interruptions with office hours

Resources to look into

Be more intentional about your time - 3 habits, 1 project


How to determine your values, a section of this episode at 37min:


Good, relevant advice here for prioritization and career, lifestyle-centered career planning:

How balance enjoyment of leisure and discipline, and how to prioritize which books to read

Project priorities and how make use of unexpected free time:

Prioritizing projects

How do work with kids at home

To be integrated

Stuff to do in free time