The visual of skating on a mini ramp in a garage with the door to the garage open as it’s snowing outside or already covered in snow

One Foot Ollies:


You ever just think about how rare it is to see adults run or jump? It’s quite constrained to activities like sports and extreme sports


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”Create more than you capture” is similar to Gary V’s Jab Jab Jab right hook.

  • Deferred sale, deferred capture. Gifts that sow seeds of repayment, goodwill, compensation or future assistance.
  • in college I was interested in gifting economies, thinking mostly about the economics of open source like through Liberapay. An economics professor that I talked with about this brought up the idea of a deferred sale, where you make a sale well after providing the/some value.


Azure Databricks

Data / Game design

It’d be cool to see how games like Marvel Snap are monitored for possible game tweaks. Same for mtg, of course.


Game play that’s so varied that it stays interesting:


Dessert hot pot

Hot chocolate ramen, with marshmallow or mochi noodles

Fun cooking stuff:


Reddit engineers design worst user interface:


Ryuke and some other coworkers of Itzel, including Luis play commander MTG


Highschool: system of building up familiarity with being productive in various ways despite having numerous life distractions (such as social things, greater interest in one subject with productivity demands than another).

Grades are a feedback mechanism, sort of gamifying the process.

Currently students aren’t really graded according the effort they put in to their work (at least in part; wholly from effort might be undesirable, too — a matter of weighting), they’re mostly just graded based on the outcome and end product. In the real world people are indeed usually rewarded based on the end product. It’s rare that elucidating the effort that went into it, conveying a narrative of the work, is integral to the end product’s reception — aside from technical contexts, like science, where the means and considerations play heavily into the reception and use of the end product.


Does the porch light being on deter people from breaking in?

🟩 Biz advice

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Create more value than you capture -Tim O’Reilly

The take here suggests that firms tend to focus on creating instead of capturing, but I’ve tended to think that they’re more focused on the latter instead of the former:

Even avid innovators often have a blind spot when it comes to value capture, assuming that if value is created, rewards will follow.

Indeed, the original O’Reilly quote is moreso suggesting that people tend to over focus on capture.

Separate topic ???

The problem of voting with your wallets:

  • likely relates well to markets for new things and old things, consumer behavior
  • pin down what they’re saying, possibly Youtube2Webpage it

🟩 Content that’s in video format but less helpful/efficient as a result

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Why are these essays videos? Why aren’t they written essays with video clips interspersed? Why?

🟩Anxiety / DPDR

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How to Deal with Scary Existential and Philosophical Thoughts:

jReg video that seems to touch on DP/DR via using the term “static”:

JReg on frameworks, he also gets into discussing the static thing when he mentions the “noise state” when being too open to considering things: