A collection of aphorisms that I’ve come up with (and maybe a few that’ve I quoted from other people).

Published here: https://leanpub.com/aphorisms-for-idiots-or-peasants

  • Status: I’m in the process of updating this by reviewing the old version and revising it with new aphorisms that I’ve come up with since I last published it.

”Why It’s Good to be Sorta Blind without Glasses”, “The Nearly Lost Art of Getting Figuratively Punched in the Face”, “To Whom the Person in the Mirror Laughs At”, and more.

This book is a pile of particularly good rubbish that I add to from time to time. I either made or synthesized the rubbish myself or heard or red the rubbish from someone else. In the latter case, I have noted who said or wrote whatever it is.

For some of the aphorisms, I provide information about the context within which the aphorism was shared and how it possibly should be understood or used as a tool for further thought.

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Even if something is right behind you, you’ve still turned your back to it.

Gotta play the game to feel the luck.

As nice as that tree is, it is not the one to be barking up at. (Regarding dating someone with redflags you can’t or shouldn’t overlook.)

Do not start telling yourself that she is life or that she is love. She is not life and she is not love. No one person ever could be either of those things. But she is a reminder of life and love, of what it means to live and to love. (Not super aphoristic, though it may make for a good quote or advice.)

  • I’ve included this for now, but it doesn’t quite feel like it fits

I don’t need you. I just want to experience life with you for as long as you’ll let me.

  • Not added, just feels like something you’d find quoted on Tumblr

Be yourself first and be able to love that, irrespective of whether someone else loves you or finds you lovely. Be your own kind of lovely.

Their actions may destroy your body, but only your actions may destroy your soul.

To be a mystery to others is one thing, but to be a mystery to oneself leaves everyone confused.

Love begets love.

We may speak to our past selves and ask questions of our future selves.

Serve not the wise but wisdom itself.

Aphorisms in general

An aphorism is the very crest of a wave, the distillation of a train of thought.

Aphorisn’t - Unpacking and scrutinizing selfmade aphorisms

  • Reader reflections on the aphorisms that lend a different perspective on the thing. That the aphorism may register to you as being true, but it seems true because of a wildly different reason or scenario.

It’s a weird thing that my aphorisms tend to be in the form of a command, telling one to do this or that.