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zero drop shoes disneyland Vaguely similar, but answering different question, more of a product review:

Limited-time deal: Wrestling Shoes Men Boxing Shoe Fitness Sneakers Zero Drop Sole

The shoes review video with screenshots of Fitbit would be an opportunity to learn the video composition skills necessary for the skate stats idea. Swapping out images, using “combine”(?)

kdenlive guide/tutorials for compositing:

Market of people with many interests! ⭐

Market of people with many interests and ideas, but who’d benefit a lot from focusing on a tight set of interests and aspirations for a while. Prioritizing things, among people with lots of things they want to do.

Seems like kind of a low aspiration, but I think I’d like to become a professional content creator

Suspect that the economy will contract pretty soon, so can think about making content oriented around that

OneNote paste as values, feature request How to navigate around OneNote, moving outlines with keyboard, jumping to next words and start and end of line Clearing out whole lines: Ctrl shift delete, holding down first two and hitting delete a bunch - only works on an empty line

Make separate videos per main OneNote tip, and “One by one, put them in a well SEO optimized playlist for more recommendations.”

Videos about open questions for workflows in OneNote - especially how people think about and use the question mark defaults; I think I use it in conflicting ways, which I’ll likely want to separate out

Videos about distinct OneNote practices and setups that I use at work, especially formatting

  • comments from others
  • likely record these separately and distribute/compile in a central playlist, possibly with an intro video

Things I wish OneNote had

  • Outline navigator, like in Word; we can format as a heading but it’s literally only a stylistic change, it doesn’t make things work better
  • zoom into level - might resolve prior want

Free versions of MS Office? Might be enough for what I need, when paired with a Windows VM:

  • Since I’d be running it in a VM, I might be able to have my host Linux system show the keys I’m holding down via the system used by that Shwarzenegger-sounding guy who made the org mode videos [most relevant for OneNote videos]

Map of places you’ve “lived” (for at least X num days at a time)

Think Tube, idea posts - like in-person Xmage user group meetings for MTG, able to be attended by people all over the world - or just locally

To be integrated

Windows VM, will try installing MS Office 365 free on it for tutorials:

Concern about RSS being less and less offered by sites:

Short videos typically make more in ad revenue

Long video makes more from YT Premium members

Obsidian rss plugin for automatically updating notes with lists of recent posts from relevant content sources you’d like to share with others

The Professor’s suggestion that YouTube itself is a major enemy of YouTube creators and that viewers who support the creators can fight back with simple things, such as liking, commenting, and subscribing; sharing your favorite content with your friends; when you discover a new channel and like one piece of their content, browse their archive of videos, look at what else they’ve offered in the past;

  • YT will not send notifications to the vast majority of his subscribers when he posts a video, the algorithm is too choosy about what it notifies people about
  • I forgot about these concerns
  • very similar to the short time window of success with traditional publishing, the Prof suggests that the algorithm only gives content a chance within about the first week or so after publication, recommending it to people; after that time, if the content didn’t perform well, it neglects it. (Not too certain if it genuinely does this (it’d be good to know how frequently it reconsiders content item quality), but it is a big concern for creators and would-be consumers as well)

Pull the rss feeds for The Prof and Rad Rat:

Able to pull rss per YT playlist! Great for letting people subscribe to particular content categories and be notified. However, “only the most recent 10 videos will show up in your feed”

Make a video as long as it needs to be — no more and no less. Respect your audience’s time.

Attention conversation notice

Separate YT channels decreases the likelihood of any one channel being monetized and being sustainably monetizable, since for each ypp channel you need to upload 3 videos per 90 day period, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to or want to update all the various channels that frequently

I might want to develop a focus market, for people with lots of interests and ideas and who need help with focusing on them and making something of them. Like this guy:

Niche size and keyword research:

Channel investments:



Cool thing to keep in mind for SEO, researching relevant keywords to swap into articles to help people find you:

  • the rest of the discussion is also surprisingly good