Human experience when sick

The human experience thing of that when you’re sick you get uncharacteristically motivated and driven to do things, with an irrational level of confidence, such as to work out, clean or reorganize the house, skateboard intensely

  • it’s like your body is messing with your head, reminding you of all the cool stuff you’ll hopefully get to do once it gets better

🟩 My Skateboarding

I’d love to learn bluntslides and smith grinds

🟩 Skateboarding Analytics

Nerds who skate Different from skate geeks

Go thru RR’s Shred School list of tricks, use them for gathering skate data Intro:

  • I like that in his intro to the series he mentions towards the end that because I’m watching it, that means that the first video in the series is available! Great idea, releasing them at the same time. Then he mentions he’ll release the others weekly. He also set expectations for how many videos will ultimately be released in the series
  • one missed opportunity that I see here is that he didn’t actually link to the playlist in his video’s description, he only added an embedded link to the playlist at the end of the video (via an end card). He should do both.
  • also, he should likely have setup a newsletter and linked to it in the video description.
  • note that I could also use the skate stats to generate pre and post stats, from prior to doing the skate school and after.
    • not sure how to handle probability for tricks that I will never land or always land

Anki spaced repetition for skating tricks, reminding you to do and try certain tricks that you haven’t tried in a while.

🟩 YouTube Video chapters info

”Sustainable” rates of viewership on YouTube given natural low levels, excepting periodic spikes, for monetization viability

  • passive, organic watch time

Organic growth on YouTube refers to the process of increasing your channel’s viewership and subscribers without paying for ads. This can be done by creating and sharing high-quality content, using relevant keywords, and engaging with other users on the platform.

On YouTube post videos as that they’re “out of context”, in that they’re more intended to be viewed in context of something else - like seeing it embedded in or linked to from an article. This would let you worry less about needing to rehash all the context per video, which is quite time consuming to do versus just writing it up. Plus it doesn’t really help when the information isn’t visual (keeping with the idea of only using video for visually enriching the information and understandings that you wish to convey).

  • honestly, more often than not video content on YouTube will be presented outside of a strictly relevant context (even when videos are suggested/recommended by the algorithm because of seemingly related keywords, it’ll likely be missing out on context (or have some degree of mismatch) that’d need to be provided manually via a link or full rehashing of the required context)
  • I’d rather rehash context in text, as, at least there, it can be parsed by the audience quickly and I can reuse and move it around quickly and easily (without terribly advanced tools).

Discussion about focusing on monetization:

Good recommendations for smaller channels:

YT import of playlists:

YT keeping track of files and metadata:

Publishing first as unlisted then making it public posts update to followers as if newly posted:

YT companion site, discussion here:


YT multiple revenue streams:

Yt’s system for listing playlists sucks, doesn’t go deep

Passively collecting yt subs, no particular mention of passive watch time:

Passive yt creators, for whom building a channel is secondary/low priority:

Issues with not gaining passive views, and ways to think about how to gain them:

Ypp at risk of being revoked if fall below 4k hours watch time

It’d be nice if YT let you know what’s your kind of baseline view and watch hours per day were

YT as opportunity: YT for a career: Projecting performance you’d need to cover a current salary level:

YT metadata update manually or in bulk, compare to last modified date - for pushing updates to video description content in particular; tracked via a VCS

YT as a less professional, more personal outlet:

Consider your goals for yt:

Why the focus on adsense revenue?

Lengthy YouTube videos (especially tutorials) without video chapters suuuuuck

🟩 Content Creation

Windows VM, will try installing MS Office 365 free on it for tutorials:

Concern about RSS being less and less offered by sites:

Short videos typically make more in ad revenue

Long video makes more from YT Premium members

Obsidian rss plugin for automatically updating notes with lists of recent posts from relevant content sources you’d like to share with others

The Professor’s suggestion that YouTube itself is a major enemy of YouTube creators and that viewers who support the creators can fight back with simple things, such as liking, commenting, and subscribing; sharing your favorite content with your friends; when you discover a new channel and like one piece of their content, browse their archive of videos, look at what else they’ve offered in the past;

  • YT will not send notifications to the vast majority of his subscribers when he posts a video, the algorithm is too choosy about what it notifies people about
  • I forgot about these concerns
  • very similar to the short time window of success with traditional publishing, the Prof suggests that the algorithm only gives content a chance within about the first week or so after publication, recommending it to people; after that time, if the content didn’t perform well, it neglects it. (Not too certain if it genuinely does this (it’d be good to know how frequently it reconsiders content item quality), but it is a big concern for creators and would-be consumers as well)

Pull the rss feeds for The Prof and Rad Rat:

Able to pull rss per YT playlist! Great for letting people subscribe to particular content categories and be notified. However, “only the most recent 10 videos will show up in your feed”

Make a video as long as it needs to be — no more and no less. Respect your audience’s time.

Attention conversation notice

Separate YT channels decreases the likelihood of any one channel being monetized and being sustainably monetizable, since for each ypp channel you need to upload 3 videos per 90 day period, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to or want to update all the various channels that frequently

I might want to develop a focus market, for people with lots of interests and ideas and who need help with focusing on them and making something of them. Like this guy:

Niche size and keyword research:

Channel investments:



Cool thing to keep in mind for SEO, researching relevant keywords to swap into articles to help people find you:

  • the rest of the discussion is also surprisingly good

🟩 Content Ideas

OneNote paste as values, feature request How to navigate around OneNote, moving outlines with keyboard, jumping to next words and start and end of line Clearing out whole lines: Ctrl shift delete, holding down first two and hitting delete a bunch - only works on an empty line

Make separate videos per main OneNote tip, and “One by one, put them in a well SEO optimized playlist for more recommendations.”

Videos about open questions for workflows in OneNote - especially how people think about and use the question mark defaults; I think I use it in conflicting ways, which I’ll likely want to separate out

Videos about distinct OneNote practices and setups that I use at work, especially formatting

  • comments from others
  • likely record these separately and distribute/compile in a central playlist, possibly with an intro video

Things I wish OneNote had

  • Outline navigator, like in Word; we can format as a heading but it’s literally only a stylistic change, it doesn’t make things work better
  • zoom into level - might resolve prior want

Free versions of MS Office? Might be enough for what I need, when paired with a Windows VM:

  • Since I’d be running it in a VM, I might be able to have my host Linux system show the keys I’m holding down via the system used by that Shwarzenegger-sounding guy who made the org mode videos [most relevant for OneNote videos]

Map of places you’ve “lived” (for at least X num days at a time)

Think Tube, idea posts - like in-person Xmage user group meetings for MTG, able to be attended by people all over the world - or just locally

🟩 Language learning tech, for Learning Spanish

E-reader apps with side by side translation, for language learning practice? Learned of the Smart Books app, which lets you do this:

Lack of emphasis anymore on books for language learning:

FSI Spanish, get the handbook materials:

FSI’s basic Spanish course:

Listen to this for language learning, possibly sign up for pimsleur:

  • 5:24 listen as much as possible to target language; people (adults) likely tend to not want to do this as they feel like they don’t know enough yet to absorb anything
  • it’s discussing this video, which I can listen to instead:

This audiobook for listening to Spanish, even though I don’t know quite what’s being said: Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Short Stories

Taking flight from a real geography and an event that occurred in the context of wars or conquests, the historical legend comes to us crossing the centuries on the wings of traditional oral history. Through this narration of supernatural, natural events, or an amalgamation of both, the cosmogony of the town in which said story arises becomes visible. Such is the vibrant contribution of “Mexican Historical Legends” (1899) by Heriberto Frías (1870-1925), prestigious writer, journalist and politician. Brief narratives, myths and legends of pre-Hispanic Mexico, in the words of its author, in these pages we will find: “the most beautiful episodes and the most curious customs of the first races that inhabited the soil of my country, episodes and customs known only to wise men and archaeologists.” (Introduction by Dulcamara.)

Also this one: General Fiction

Cantabrian by birth and by heart, the author shows in this diary-like work his love for the land, the intimate nature of feeling, respect and admiration for everyday life and nature. With its style reflecting clear influences of the mountain school (not in vain the prologue is by the costumbrista writer Jose María de Pereda), in the shadow of an oak is a small sample of the concerns of a doctor whose vocation was more inclined towards the universe. of the writings. Enrique Menéndez y Pelayo knew how to be “the shadow” of his brother Marcelino, contributing works of various kinds and being, above all, tireless protector and custodian of the library of a genius-Summary by Lu Humor, Romance

This book is a dictionary that aims to teach men to understand women, a small work by the author with great content, a quite jovial and fun work. (Summary by KendalRigans)

Likely with a more Spanish pronunciation, this Spanish satire: Google Translate of Spanish summary:

Classic Spanish picaresque novel of the Golden Age, by the great Don Francisco de Quevedo. In it the extravagant adventures and adventures of a young rogue are narrated: Don Pablos. We will know his beginnings at home from his peculiar parents, his time at school, his adventures as a servant of a great lord, his time as a Bachelor student, from his trip to court, his learning as a search to live without hitting or hitting on lies, deceiving and being deceived. Always showing off his ingenuity and meeting unique characters from that seventeenth-century Spain, abundant with gold and hunger, while going through prison, he will become a poet and try to seduce great ladies … and even nuns!! Summary by Epachuko.

Spanish-language horror stories:

Diversion in erotica

🟩 Self-Publishing

Lots of self-publishing advice relates to YouTube creators - they may not think of themselves as self-publishers, but they are, just of a different medium/format

Micropublishing - small works, especially in contexts where progressive improvement is allowed prior to releasing a super polished end product


Romance book cover design changes pre and post Amazon: What does a happily ever after look like?


Pikmin 1 Little Nightmares Feels, burnout game:

Game room in EG

Our 3 private gaming rooms are available to rent starting at $40 per 4-hour session. Perfect for a D&D Campaign, board gaming or any other table top adventure!

I could keep track of people’s credits if they want to Venmo me.

Tue12:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Wed12:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Thu12:00 pm – 09:00 pm
Fri12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sat12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sun12:00 pm – 05:00 pm


Mtg cubes for mtg beginners and casual players, it’d be fun to play with my family and start up games at the nearby game shop


It’d be cool to make beginner level cubes that only use Premodern cards (or from any non-rotating, static format)

Cube building:

vintage cube draft

Battle box, budget format recommended by podcast I linked to:

Representative cube for premodern - treat ever card in the format as a separate person in population (singleton), distill down to common keywords and spell types. Unlimited mana, so likely played as a format with mana provided, like the battle box.

  • interesting statistical challenge - deciding on a card based on its characteristics and not necessarily its strategic value
  • depending on how large the end cube will be permitted to be (end sample size desired) and how we wish to have it play (if like battle box, will be more combat-forward), would have differing levels of count cutoffs - as in a 100 end sample size, 1 card per 1% of population. Then there’s a balancing act between selecting one card over another in order to better match and fulfill demographic quotas for representation.
  • operationally: filter down to unique cards in format, get characteristics of those cards for further analysis and count by num of unique cards.


Remind yourself to love the process, not the destination

Trying to be more happy with how I’m using my time, putting it towards things I care about more than other things - choosing these things over those things

This evening, plan out things for the rest of the week so that I won’t need to worry about the morning of, as I did this morning. Should likely just need to review my plans in the morning.


It’d be great if YNAB offered minimum account balances (daily, monthly (particular date of month?)) alerts/warnings - it’d be a good reminder to check/use your budget prior to any transactions


French toast rolls:

For fighting illness

Oranges and oj for vitamin C Zinc to lessen length of cold Vitamin d to help with fighting off the cold

Snack on tomatoes for vitamin C:


Chappelle show rewatch club

Tor series:


Unexplained Plot Elements and Mystery/Horror

Below material was prompted by a dream about a movie with lots of WTF imagery that’s loosely explained here and there but ultimately was unexplained.

Movies that don’t explain why or how a strange thing is happening.

  • I heard that in Japanese cinema they’re more tolerant of generally mysterious things like that, where the stuff just happens and humans are stuck dealing with it/experiencing it and never quite understanding it or getting to control it.
  • token understandings to appease the mind of the audience and let them feel like they’re piecing the mystery together, when in fact the mystery isn’t actually resolved and the things they do piece together just fit together enough to advance and deepen the mystery. Giving the sense of a logical progression and puzzle forming when in fact it’s a giant and unresolved mystery that teases the audience into thinking they can resolve it.

Lovecraftian type of mystery, like cosmic horror and awe, Eldritch horrors

Cozy Cosmos would be the far other end of Lovecraft horror — comforting side of uncertainty and lack of control

Other worlds, other Gods — cosmic horror as a way of, in contrast, helping better appreciate our world and our God, the Christian God

If you let it sink into your mind that you don’t have to explain everything, your brain can ramp up its creativity and imagination.

Roof being lifted off by God, letting me see the stars and night sky

Wedding video, ffmpeg

Used the method “Merge a list of videos with FFmpeg using concat demuxer” for merging the video files to stitch together our wedding video

Realized too late that YouTube no longer lets us merge video clips after uploading them individually

Website and web

I love stumbling across things that remind me about the free web culture and how great it is. I was prompted to this by this site:

Make cover page(s) to introduce your site to a general or particular audience, and leave your homepage as a useful place:

The internet/web is good for sharing information, but not so great at directly collaborative/constructive information development. (Or knowledge/wisdom instead of information.)

Deep content

Downloadable weblet:

Site design, information provision:


First and foremost my notes are for me. Might want to make a diff site for when primarily serving others, but shrug. The serving-others orientation is always there, since I’m ultimately posting where others may benefit, but it’s less important and prominent.

Continue to compile notes from prior week into that week’s note - then move over to public or private as fits

OneNote Wants

OneNote, it’d be great if we could hide “completed tasks”


Might need something in Obsidian like super charged links but for bulleted lists, to denote status and visual language - like I do in OneNote at work

Obsidian drag and drop headings outline reorder? I think I’ve seen this before

Built-in Callout icons






























Lucide icons

Official site

[!lucide-github] Github

How to customize callouts [!lucide-alert-circle]

Own definitions

Formulating your own definitions of words, understanding what concepts you’re using and working with. Be clear to yourself. If you can’t understand what you yourself mean, how might any one else? And indeed, if you have no clear idea of what you mean, you have no clear way to judge whether another person means something the same way that you do. — issue is addressing the potential for even subtle conflicts of meaning, between yourself and others, and also between yourself now and yourself of 5 minutes ago.

Saintly Love

Notion that “you don’t love me — you don’t know anything about me, so you can’t love me.”

  • For the Saints, I suspect that we may freely say that because Jesus loved and loves you, we will work to love you, too.


Income elasticity of demand deals with entire shifts of the demand curve, whereas regular elasticity of demand just relates to the shape of the demand curve itself:

Work scheduling

For jobs that are hours based, like a full-time job, we should be able to proportionally scale back our hours for a proportional change in gross pay. It’s lame that there’s such rigidity and discontinuity. I should be able to reduce my hours worked by 1 hour per day (5 hours less per week, for a 1/8th decrease from 40 hours), especially if I plan this out formally. It’s the uncertain/unexpected unavailability that’s a key issue, but formal declarations of such hours would mitigate that to a great degree.

This differs from flexible work schedules, which I’ve tended to hear about in terms of how a conventional block of work hours is allocated in one’s day. Instead it’s dealing with unconventional amounts of work hours.

Plumming Fix

Who to call to fix a dripping sink?

Tech wants

I’m surprised there’s no sort of workspace and window tiling saving, like you can in one click launch all the relevant apps and tile them the same way. - Windows 10+

Wisdom Twist

They say that you don’t realize what you had until you’ve lost it. I’d say a related idea: you don’t quite realize what you’ve had until you’ve experienced an alternative. This can be thought of as a more general form of the earlier phrase, but it also works better than it, especially as it can apply in a mutually positive way.

The former says that one state (having) is/was good and the other state (not having) is/was bad.

But the latter can be mutually positive. For instance, when you only knew your own ways of operating, you likely took them for granted and didn’t appreciate them much. But once you saw how other people operate (also in a good way, despite being different), you then view how you operate in a different light. You can compare and consider aspects of your experience and behavior in ways that you likely wouldn’t have done before.

Looking into presidential candidates

Trump, Biden, and DeSantis are non-options for me. After looking at the current lineup of candidates (currently last updated as of Oct 28, 2023), I was only interested in Tim Scott, Doug Burgam, and Marianne Williamson (remembering her from prior campaign cycles). I eliminated the last two after looking more into each of the three candidates, leaving me rather hopefully with Tim Scott.

I’m liking Tim Scott as a GOP candidate, rival to Trump and DeSantis; he’s optimistic and effective:

Lmao given the way this is written, this sounds really funny and whiny (Source):

Striking a defiant tone Saturday, Williamson denounced “those who feel they are the adults in the room” and aren’t taking her candidacy seriously, proclaiming, “Let me in there.”